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What AutoWürks?

What AutoWürks?

The sealant is an innovative product Autowürks safe and non-flammable for repair and prevention of the tire.
The application is easy and fast through the valve of any type of rubber.
Matched with a 12V compressor for inflating and completion of repair
Repair your tire in 15 minutes, greater fuel savings lightening the vehicle after removing the spare wheel.
Ease of use (3-4 easy steps) - greatest number of users.

About Us..

About Us..

DIM is a company that sells LPG CNG Vialle and Emer for all cars is also Bosch dealer, Usag, Filtron, Umbria Trailers, Beta, Maxima, Exide, Luk, Textar and many other brands.

Its registered office is in Via Giuseppe Verdi, 35-00041 Albano Lazio - Rome (Italy) and spread on a total area of approximately 120sqm.

Our sales staff, care and storage, has a long and in-depth industry experience and improving day by day because it is put in a position to participate profitably in a series of training courses.

Those who work in DIM expresses seriousness and professionalism.

Our products can see and test them in our show room. But then do not stay alone, we sell, we deliver and we see everywhere in the area with the highest capillarity.

We only sell garage equipment corresponding to the applicable technical regulations and safety standards. E 'then make sure that our care, their origin there is all the high technology available.

We sell tools that must be used to ensure a high technological level in your productions.
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